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Our bedrooms are large and luminous, here you will be at home and enjoy the serenity of the countryside. At your awakening you will find an inviting homemade breakfast with cakes and pies. The different types of rooms avaible allows accomodation for disable people and families.

If you are planning a family meeting, a holiday with friends or colleagues or you intend to stay longer, you  can choose our apartments that suit your needs. Enjoy the warm cosy atmosphere of the fireplaces during the winter months or simply chill out on  cool summer days and nights under a covered  terrace.

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Zero miles products

Our menu includes local products  and seasonal vegetables, many of which are grown on our land.

Meals on reservation

If you want  to enjoy a lunch or a dinner  remember to book ( a few days in advance )and we kindly ask for group bookings no less than

 15-20 people. But if you are less  you

 can try  all the same!

Planned event

If you want to book your table for our planned event, there is not a minimum number of people , You must conctact us for your reservation!

This is the list you need to know before booking to understand if our house is right for you:

1  We like  to  make you feel at  H O M E.

2   You live the  COUNTRYSIDE. Our  WOOD GARDEN is yours so you can watch, sniff and pick aromatic plants and vegetables. But you will have to respect it and help us to keep it clean, we invest our time to make it more beautiful and welcoming for all our visitors.

3   There is  NO AIR CONDITIONING. . But there are shady trees  which you will find cool on hot summer days.

4   There are  NO TVS. You can  spend your time reading a good book, playing a board game or simply  chat with other people. You can rely  on us to give  information on what to see and what to do during your stay, we are always willing to help you and when we have free time we will be happy to come with you to discover our Irpinia.

5   We take great care in our environment and like to keep it clean by RECYCLING  WASTES and we hope you will do the same. Also we have a composing area so you will be given attention to split organic waste because these become natural fertilizer for our garden.

6   Our country house is sorrounded by big trees and so  we are unable to have WIFI in all rooms. If you need it, let us know when you book and if is available we will reserve you a room with wifi or we will give you access to a common area with wifi. Enjoy digital detox and stay disconnected  and in contact with nature.

7   We are  PET FRIENDLY, we accept small and medium size animals. But remember to bring everything for your pet. Pets  do not pay for the stay but a little extra cleaning. However pets are not allowed in the restaurant area.

8   If you are an  ANIMAL LOVER and looking for company you  will find  cats, birds or other wild animals in the garden. But some are very shy and reserved so you do not overdo the questions.

9   This house is not a hotel. We are a  COUNTRY HOUSE and so we don’t have  a reception area. You can communicate your arrival  few minutes beforehand.

10   CHECK IN is from 15.00 pm to 19.00 pm and CHECK OUT is by 10.00 am. If you have special request write to us and we will find a solution for you.

11   We have underfloor radiant panel heating and in some cases under the wall.  So do not be afraid if you do not see heat source but if you want to see it you can ask us to light up  our  FIREPLACES.

12   We pay attention to LIMIT of  WASTES and we hope you do the same so we do not use  courtesy kits inorder to  limit the use of plastic  but you will find shower gel, shampoo and soap in every room.

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